BarCreeps streaming new single “Calico”

BarCreeps is a new punk band from London that is reportedly a super group. The only thing is, no one knows who’s in the band. Promo material only shows the lovely faces you see to the left, and live shots on their Facebook are all obscured and blurry. Someone might be able to figure out some of the members from those photos though. Who’s up for a little sleuthing?

We do know the band members have played with or alongside Fugazi, Amy Winehouse, The Pipettes, a Ramones tribute act, The Young Playthings, The Beastie Boys and have even had a song covered by Mark Ronson.

The band is currently streaming a new single “Calico”, which is set to be released on September 30th. You can give it a listen here.

If you’re a fan you can buy the track for whatever price you’d like through the Little Rocket Recordsbandcamp, along with the band’s previously released B-side “Troll”.

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