Basketball Shorts (“Party Punk”, FFO: Mean Jeans, The Marked Men) stream “Looking” from upcoming album “Hot And Ready”

Fleeting Youth Records and Austin Town Hall Records will be releasing, Hot and Ready, the first full-length album from Austin, Texas-based “party punk” foursome, Basketball Shorts, on July 8th and pressed on cool, clear vinyl with white-blue smokey swirls. Below is the first taste of the album, Looking.

Here’s a jazzy quote from their label:

“The new record finds the band building off the energy of their previous split EPs, fleshing out their sound (adding guitarist Ben Chinisci and Adam Sharp on drums), and ramping up their infectious hooks. The 10 tracks move quick and easy as lead singer/guitarist Ben Seligson licks his melodic pop chops and croons unforgettable party-ready jams about love, loss, Home Alone, and Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump’s “Magic Legs”.

Packed with punk-pop ear worms akin to The Marked Men, Mean Jeans, and The Spits, Hot and Ready is the good-time Summer BBQ record to play with your punk friends, your rock friends, your pop friends– fuck it– ALL your friends.”

Pre-order Hot And Ready on vinyl here.

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