Beat the Red Light break-up

British skacore band Beat The Red Light have announced that they are calling it a day and are disbanding. The band posted a statement on their Facebook, which can be read below.

Beat the Red Light last released their full-length Salt the Lands back in 2011 through TNS Records.


Hey Guys
We’ve have had some awesome fun doing this band, playing some incredible shows, meeting the most incredible people. We’ve toured the UK twice and Europe once, we had two awesome recording experiences, first the E.P with Ian Wetherall which was so much fun and the first full length which we miraculously recorded ourselves against all the odds. This is far more than I would’ve ever dreamed of for this band to achieve.

However that being said We feel it is time the band should be put to rest. Like I said earlier we’ve done some amazing and awesome things with this band and the last thing we all want to do is tarnish it. Nobody has had a falling out with anyone within the band, we all still love each other and wish each other all the best, but this band is worth so much more and deserves to go out with a bang.

Their are too many people/bands we would like to thank but we would mostly like to thank Andy and Bev from TNS records for taking a chance with us. We are still going to be playing the shows we have agreed to play which are…

Sat 25th July – Wonkfest – London
Boomtown Festival – 13th to 16th August – Hampshire
Sun 6th Sept – Bristol
Sat 31st Oct – London
Plus to send this band off with a bang we want to organise some weekenders of shows with the last show being in our stamping ground “High Wycombe” We’ll keep you guys updated.

Seriously though….
All The Best!!


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