Billie Joe Armstrong to appear in new indie film “Like Sunday, Like Rain”

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has announced he will be appearing in a new independent drama entitled “Like Sunday, Like Rain.”

The movie, written and directed by Frank Whaley, will feature Leighton Meester (from “Gossip Girls”) playing the role of a struggling musician who ends up becoming the guardian of a 12-year-old music prodigy. Billie will play her boyfriend and Debra Messing (from “Will and Grace”) will play the music prodigy’s actual mother.

So, basically, it’s gonna be a really long soap opera that I have no intention of seeing. Also, it’s kinda worth noting that this won’t be Billie Joe’s first time on the big screen. From what I can recall, he appeared in “This Is 40” for a brief moment and a show called “Nurse Jackie” for a couple of minutes, in which he died from an overdose.

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