Bouncing Souls announce new album “Comet,” stream 1st track “Static”

Exciting announcement from The Bouncing Souls: The punk rock veterans are set to release a brand new album entitled “Comet” on June 12th in collaboration with Rise Records and Chunksaah Records. The recording and production of the new album was led by legendary Bill Stevenson at the Blasting Room (Rise Against, Hot Water Music, Descendents) You can stream the first track “Static” and take a look at the artwork right here.

The band most recently released “Ghosts On The Boardwalk” in 2010 via Chunksaah. “Comet” will be the band’s 9th studio release.

Track Listing
01. Baptized
02. Fast Times
03. Static
04. Coin Toss Girl
05. Comet
06. We Love Fun
07. Infidel
08. DFA
09. In Sleep
10. Ship In A Bottle

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  1. excitetheriot
    ExciteTheRiot3/13/2012 6:36 PM | Permalink

    so excited for the new release, ghost on the boardwalk has to to the best b-sides album ever released. streaming the new song asap!

  2. matt3/24/2012 12:56 AM | Permalink

    FUCK YES, cannot wait for this album to come out

  3. brianlv
    BrianLV3/31/2012 11:48 AM | Permalink

    I like the message of static. Basically the pop stereo is feeding you meaningless noise to turn the mechanical wheels inside your head.
    Think about it, the songs they sing are written by someone else, produced, and sold by corporate sponsors to make money.
    Theres no substance, no heart, no real story behind the song.
    Maybe we are better off an underground subculture, because punk shouldnt be hip anyway.

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