Boysetsfire and Funeral For A Friend to release split 7-inch covering each others songs

Delaware post-hardcore outfit Boysetsfire and Welsh metal/punkish band Funeral for a Friend have announced that they will be releasing a split 7-inch, on which they will be covering each others songs.  The split is set to be released on May 13th via No Sleep Records.

Boysetsfire will be covering “10:45 Amsterdam Conversations” from Funeral for a Friend’s EP Between Order and Model, while Funeral for a Friend will be covering “Rookie” from Boysetsfire’s After the Eulogy.

Boysetsfire last released “While a Nation Sleeps” on June 11, 2013 on Bridge Nine. Funeral For a Friend last released Conduit on January 28th, 2013 on Distiller Records.


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