Bracket to release rarities albums leading up to new full-length album

Forestville, CA’s pop punk legends, Bracket, have announced that they will release a series of digital only releases leading up to the release of their upcoming full-length album. Here’s what they had to say:

Let us clear this up – I think it’s getting confusing. We have four digital-only releases of OLD/UNRELEASED/RARE things planned for this year. The first was “Like You Know”, the unreleased album from 1996. The next three will be various demos, unreleased, and rare songs from the beginning of Bracket all the way up to present day. Volume 1 will be available VERY SOON on our bandcamp page. All of these releases are to help fund the release (CD and digital) of OUR BRAND NEW ALBUM of BRAND NEW SONGS when completed, which we are feverishly trying to do (feverishly for bracket = once a week recording sessions). On top of that, to add to the confusion, we just began work on a shrouded-in-mystery project which is neither the “new album” we’ve been working on, nor anything to do with the digital releases. We will resume work on that when the album is done. All of this equals lots of stuff from us this year and next and the next, and a bunch of confused Bracket fans. If you got to the end of this, did it help? THANK YOU ALL. You know, the band? Just kidding, but I’m sure they’re nice.

The first rarities album entitled “Raw Cuts Volume 1” will be released later this month and you can view the cover art here. The band digitally released their long lost album “Like You Know” earlier this year. Bracket’s last release was the severely underrated “Requiem” on Takeover Records in 2005.


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