Album Review: Break of Day – “The Hangman’s Fracture”

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Belgium’s Break Of Day have come out with a great sounding melodic hardcore album that you cannot pass up. You must always appreciate the great sounds from Dé Studio and I’ve gotten to familiarize myself with that great studio’s work and it’s collaboration with Johan’s Funtime Records. The first thing that you notice with this Break Of Day album is that the vocals are recorded at a high level which is great since you clearly hear Teun’s amazing and signature voice! For the people that don’t like the “shouting” element, I am one that can honestly say that I do love Teun’s voice and shouts combo. It’s not forced, it’s a natural talent (think Tim from Rise Against). And that’s a reason why the band is signed to Funtime! Yes the vocals are a big element but the overall concept of the album along with the honest and well thought of lyrics are worth reading along when you listen to the songs (The well done booklet allows you to follow the band’s work). The mix of tech guitars along with heavy breakdowns is worth checking out too! Everything is clearly well done. A part that I have gotten to love is the “Dawn of the world” 2:40 mark until the end of the song. The vocals and guitars bring you sweet harmonies and so much is going on, I often find myself pressing repeat. Or you can get a taste of the great guitar on “Casualties of belief and greed” around 1:55, for example. The ending shout on that tune is so special it reminds me of a classic death metal vocalist finishing off the song with an important point. On the album you also have a good mix of faster skate punk beats which brings up the intensity level for the moshers out there in the great Belgian and european scene. “The hobo wears Prada”, a track that captures you right away and can be seen on the band’s myspace, has to be the hit song and the band is right in choosing it so. “Father’s Day” truly captures the writing skills of a melodic hardcore band going over the fence and doing something special for their fans, and for themselves. Listen to that song and you’ll know what I mean.

In end, the guys have come a long way since their demo – “Where Ends Meet Life Begins”. On this new album, Teun and the boys re-recorded two tracks from their killer demo to put on this soon-to-be famous album. I’d like to emphasize on one of the two tracks, “Once Upon A Time In The Dark” (the other is “Dawn of the World”, mentioned earlier). “Once Upon…”, since the first time I heard it on the demo really struck me with it’s intro. Classical and hardcore at the same time. Teun, I find, shows us what he’s made of on this track with the shouts and great vocal experimentation. This track deserved to be re-recorded again at the great Dé Studio and the band did a good thing. I salute you.

I recommend everyone to buy “The Hangman’s Fracture” ASAP. No buts, or whys, or ifs, just do it.

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