Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion, Epitaph Records) starts comic publishing co. Black Mask Studios

Bad Religion guitarist and Epitaph Records founder Brett Gurewitz, along with Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, Criminal Macabre) and Matt Pizzolo (Occupy Comics, Godkiller, Halo-8) have launched Black Mask Studios, a brand new comic publishing company who have just unveiled their initial leadoff slate of comic book series.

Black Mask claims to differentiate itself based on its respective founders’ decades-long commitments to championing creator’s rights across media from comics to film to music.

As Pizzolo explains, “Groundbreaking art thrives when the relationship between artist and label is built on integrity, respect, and a team effort. Comics has a troubled history with its treatment of creators, our goal is to bring the supportive ethic of record labels like Epitaph, Dischord, and Revelation to comics.”

“Art has the power to move people and transgressive art can challenge and even change social norms,” adds Gurewitz. “It’s what punk rock and comics have in common, and one of the reasons I’m super excited about Black Mask Studios.”

While Black Mask Studios’ initial titles will be released to comic book stores through Diamond Comics starting in May, the comics are already available for pre-order in the Black Mask webstore as physical-digital hybrid bundles. The comics won’t be delivered until their retail street date, but digital subscribers will instantly receive a digital “comics mixtape” as well as a limited edition t-shirt.


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