Album Review: Brutal Youth – “Bottoming Out”

Brutal Youth‘s 2013 EP, Stay Honest, was a record that deserved more attention. To this day, it still stands out as one of the best pieces of modern punk in my catalog. In under 10 minutes, Bottoming Out captures that same essence and badass aesthetic but in a more rough, demo-ed down and unpolished manner.

Looking for skate punk and thrash punk colliding? Looking no further than the opener in “Contrarian”. Full of energy and vibrancy. I love how angry Brutal Youth come off. Fist in the air and proud. Not to mention, more than subtle hints of middle fingers to society. Mix in hardcore punk jabs such as “The War on Youth” and “Rancor” and what you’re left with is the after-effect of incessant drumming, riffage that helps pound your ears in and chunky bass-work that leaves you spent. In a word, these jams are fucking vicious.

Brutal Youth equals attitude for days on end. It feels like resistance. Anarchy. Like The Purge on a bright Sunday morning. “Bottoming Out” is a perfect sequel to their 2013 output and all in all, it highlights just how much they sound like the new Kid Dynamite on the block. Too short but so damn sweet!

4/5 Stars

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