Charlie and Carl of Heart In Hand discuss Slam Dunk Festival and new record

The melodic hardcore group from Bournemouth, UK opened the Monster Energy stage at this year’s Slam Dunk Festival dates. Heart In Hand have just put out their new full-length, “Almost There”, the follow-up to 2011s “Only Memories”.

I met up with vocalist Charlie Holmes and bassist Carl Martin at the Hatfield leg of Slam Dunk to discuss playing the festival and the new record.  Check out the interview here.

Dying Scene (Chris Biggs): You guys played earlier today, how do you think that went?

Charlie (Heart In Hand): Oh it was so good. We were really worried cos we were going on first obviously, didn’t know what to expect, if there was gonna be a lot of people or not but the tent was rammed

A lot of people in there wasn’t there? It kicked of as well, which is always good.

Charlie: And I managed to basically get carried to the middle of the crowd and back, so that was cool!

Carl (Heart In Hand): Without getting your trousers ripped

Charlie: Without getting my trousers ripped like I did yesterday

So the new album has just come out, how do you think that’s been received so far?

Charlie: Apparently it’s done really really well. Reviews have been awesome, no one’s really said a negative thing about it so that’s super good for us

When it came to writing and recording that, where did you start? Anything in particular you wanted to change from the album before?

Charlie: We started writing it literally straight after the first record and we basically spent nearly two years writing it. We chucked a lot of stuff away and wrote new stuff, fresh stuff

Carl: Playing so many shows and being on tour so often we found it pretty hard to actually find time to write the record

Charlie: We finally did it!

Carl: When we realised like, fuck, we’ve actually not brought out a record for two years, we actually really need to crack on and get it done. It sort of just all came together really quick.

Charlie: Everyone just quit their jobs and just cracked onto writing. It was stressful, but we got it done and we’re really happy.

You guys are doing a headline tour off the back of the new release, tell us about that…

Charlie: It starts in three days. Basically we’re starting in Kingston, working our way up to Scotland and then coming back down. It’s about two weeks long.

Any other festival dates for this year?

Charlie: Yeah, we’re playing Ghostfest [in Leeds], and we have loads in Europe. There’s some really good bands like Deez Nuts, The Devil Wears Prada and Terror playing some of those, so they should be really good. And then we are going to Scandanavia in September, so it’s all good, and then we get a little rest in October.

Slam Dunk is a little bit different to most of the festivals you would usually do, how does it compare?

Charlie: That was another thing we were worried about, because we’re not THAT heavy, but there’s a lot of pop-punk bands and a lot of a younger crowd, but they’ve kinda taken us on and they really enjoyed it and really got into it.

Carl: We didn’t really expect the reception that we got, being first on and being one of the smallest bands on this festival, it’s crazy really.

What are your plans for the rest of today? Planning on seeing anyone in particular? Getting drunk?

Charlie: Yeah, we’re gonna get drunk. We’ve got our girlfriends and everything here, so we’re just gonna have a good time with them. A lot of our best friends are here. Gonna watch Sleeping With Sirens definitely, Mallory Knox, a few other bits and bobs but I’ll probably be too drunk to watch most the others!

Catch Heart In Hand at the following dates:

Jun 3rd – Audio, Glasgow (UK) *

Jun 4th – Tunnels, Aberdeen (UK) *

Jun 5th – Riverside Bar, Selby (UK) *

Jun 6th – Corporation, Sheffield (UK) *

Jun 7th – Tap ‘n’ Tin, Chatham (UK) *

Jun 8th – The Underground, Stoke-on-Trent (UK) *

Jun 9th – Our Black Heart, London (UK) *

Jun 14th – Four Rooms, Leipzig (Germany)

Jun 15th – Bam In Your Face Festival, Possneck (Germany)

Jun 21st – School’s Out Festival, Idar Oberstein (Germany)

Jun 22nd – Summerblast Festival, Trier (Germany)

Jun 29th – Ghostfest, Leeds (UK)

Jul 6th – United People Festival, Salzburg (Austria)

Jul 13th – Hangman Festival, Nurtingen (Germany)

Jul 26th – Redfest, Surrey (UK)

Jul 27th – Burnout Festival, Bournemouth (UK)

Aug 23rd – Destruction Derby Festival, Dessau (Germany)

Aug 31st – From Summer To Fall Festival, Saalfelden (Austria)

Sept 13th – Lions & Barrels, Copenhagen (Denmark) **

Sept 14th – KFUM, Jonkoping (Sweden) **

Sept 16th – On The Rocks, Helsinki (Finland) **

Sept 18th – Klubben, Stockholm (Sweden) **

Sept 19th – Kulturhuset, Orebro (Sweden) **

Sept 20th – Fangelset, Gothenburg (Sweden) **

Sept 21st – Revolver, Oslo (Norway) **

Sept 22nd – Radar Scene, Asker (Norway) **

Sept 23rd – Tou Scene, Stavanger (Norway) **

Sept 24th – Posten, Odense C (Denmark)

Sept 25th -Posten, Odense C (Denmark) **

Sept 26th – Ungdommens Hus, Fredericia (Denmark) **

* w/ Demoraliser & Palm Reader

** w/ Napoleon

“Almost There” is available now through Century Media Records.

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