Chris DeMakes (Less Than Jake) streams reggae rendition of Mötley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home”

Chris DeMakes of Less Than Jake never fails to surprise us, this time with a reggae cover of Mötley Crue’s sweet power ballad “Home Sweet Home”. The cover is part of Rare Breed Recording Co.’s ongoing 7″ rare flexi disk series and is currently up for free streaming up on Soundcloud for everyone to enjoy. With regards to the release, DeMakes states:

“’80s metal tunes often get a lot of slack, but when you look past the image of the bands and listen to the melodies with open ears, there’s a lot of good stuff there. When I heard the reggae arrangement, I knew I had made a cool choice.”

You can listen to the cover below and head over to Paper + Plastick for a physical copy if that is your thing (it also includes an Iron Maiden cover!), but be quick – the flexi disks are limited to 135.

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