Album Review: Common Enemy – “Living The Dream?”

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Common Enemy is a 5-piece Punk/Thrash band based out of Reading, PA. Their latest release, Living The Dream?, is the full-length debut of new singer Gary Critical. The album was released on September 8th of 2009 with help from Horror Business, DRP, and Overdose On Records.

It’s clear as soon as the first track kicks in that this is the good ole’ Common Enemy you’ve grown to love with a great addition following a successful hunt to track down a vocal grit that meshes perfectly with the band’s raw style and rabid tempo. Gary immediately feels like part of the Common Enemy family when he belts out ‘I’m still having fun playing different places, I’m still having fun thrashing off faces’. One difference the longtime Common Enemy fan may notice is a slightly political theme not seen in their previous releases. While songs such as ‘Bail Out’ may be reminiscent of the classic Common Enemy track about skateboarding, the motive behind the album name is more prevalent in songs such as the title track ‘Living The Dream?’ which features Jason Navarro of the Suicide Machines/Hellmouth and ‘Never Enough’ with an opening line that I feel sums up the record better than any other lyric, ‘I have a disease, it’s the American Dream.’

The album is tied together with songs confessing hardships and the struggle of the daily grind. However, for those in search of another fun Common Enemy record with songs about skating, partying, and yes, video games…you certainly won’t be let down with tracks like ‘Beer Bong’, ‘Pac-man fever’, and ‘My Board, My Rules’. There’s something in this one for the whole family and they’re the only band I know that can rip through 20 tracks this well in under 28 minutes! Face it, this band couldn’t release a boring album if they tried. If you learn one thing from this record, it may be that no amount of skating and drinking can blind us from everything that’s wrong with society…but it’s sure as hell worth a try!

Other standout tracks: Shut Your Mouth, Warped in World 8, Nothing’s Wrong, Hey Kid Wake Up, Standing In Line

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  1. dylanxvx
    dylanxvx3/24/2010 11:49 PM | Permalink

    Common Enemy was the first show I ever went to like 8 years ago. Still love ’em even through all of their line-up changes (mainly vocalists). They sound different from when I first started listening to them, but they are still really fuckin’ rad.

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