Craig Setari talks about new Sick of It All album

In a recent interview, Sick of It All bassist Craig Setari recently gave an update on the band’s long-awaited new album, which is expected to be released this fall. In an interview with, Craig mentions that Sick of It All are indeed working on a new album, and are about half way finished writing the songs, explaining:

“We’re putting together some new material. Right now, we have about half of it written and it sounds pretty good.”

He was also asked if the new album has a name, and his response was, “No, we have a few ideas we’re kicking around, but nothing to speak of yet. Right now we’re just working on new material and we’ve got some good philosophy, lyrically, going on. I think that it’s getting more desperate in the times we’re living in and we touch on a lot of topics regarding corruption and the direction the world’s heading in.”

Sick of It All’s most recent full-length studio album Based on a True Story was released in 2010 on Century Media. A year later, they released Nonstop, a best-of album containing re-recordings of their older material.

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