D.R.I. to record new EP next month

Crossover/hardcore punk legends D.R.I. have announced that they will enter a studio in Southern California next month to begin recording a brand new EP, which is due for release in early 2015 and will be produced by Bill Metoyer, who produced three of the band’s 80’s albums Crossover (1987), 4 of a Kind (1988) and Thrash Zone (1989).

In an interview with BoulevardBrutal.com, vocalist Kurt Brecht described the new EP as “more punk rock than metal” and explained that “for me, it’s not that important to come out with the EP, but the fans want it, and the guy that’s gonna record us really wants us to do it too.”

Asked in the same interview why D.R.I. have not released an album since Full Speed Ahead (1995), Brecht explained, “Album sales for the last couple of albums, we put everything that we had into them, and they just didn’t do very well. So we just kind of said, ‘Well, let’s just keep on touring.’ The problem is, for us, with putting out an album is that we stop touring and just focus on writing, ’cause we don’t wanna get sidetracked. We’re in the middle of writing songs, and now we’ve gotta stop and practice the old songs and then go play some shows. [So] we would just shut down the touring and do one or the other. And now, because there’s not much money in recording [and releasing albums] anymore, we can’t really afford to stop touring just to put out an album. That’s why we’re gonna go in and just try to do it while we’re on tour — [lay down the] songs that we already have, just go in and record those.”

The EP will contain the song “As Seen on T.V.”, which has been played on D.R.I.’s most recent tours. A video of the band performing the song can be watched below.

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