Dad Brains (hardcore/dadcore) stream “Baby Jail”

Why do bees hum? Because they don’t know the words.

That’s right, Fathers day is coming up. What better way to celebrate than with the Self Titled EP from California’s Dad Brains (and some dad jokes). The band is made up of punk rock dads from bands such as No Motiv, The Missing 23rd, Creep Division, and The F-ing Wrath.

Stream “Baby Jail” from the upcoming album full of power chords, sing along melodies, and the drama of parenting below.

(Awesome) Lyrics-

Im so hungover but didn’t have a drink and I feel so tired that I can’t even think. I’m so confused and feel stuck inside, I need to get outside…. 
baby….jail. Baby….jail is this the drunk tank? Baby Jail. 
I think I need a break. 

Go..I’m finally outside to breath the fresh air but then I get a text and read it with a stare, the babys kinda fussy can you come back in, I need to take a shower, I feel like I’m in….

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