Album Review: Dads – “Pretty Good”

Dads – what a name for a band. Unsearchable, right? Well, that aside, their music…is ironically, pretty good. Pretty damn good! In 4 tracks, it’s a lot to guzzle down but feels so right when you take in what they’re offering. John Bradley (drums) and Scott Scharinger (guitars) are the duo that make up Dads and their alternating vocals drive this record home with a lot of gusto. It’s a helluva ride.

“My Crass Patch” lingers hauntingly until the 1:30 mark and then it crashes into chaos and melody. The dual vocals add so much to a band that doesn’t make as simple music as you’d envision. “Can I Be Yr Deadbeat Boyfriend” flows on a more pop-punkish vibe and it’s a welcomed contrast. Mostly, because these guys know how to balance their delivery. Both these tracks show the variance in their talents and how smooth they pull it off.

The New Jersey-based duo never runs from experimentation and it’s ever-present with the narrative on a summer-alternative pop-jam like “Boat Rich.” The EP barrels around in such a short time-span but Dads’ play on different genres makes them what they are. Outstanding. “No We’re Not Actually” builds to a riveting crescendo laced with emotional power-punches that dispel the notions of post-hardcore ballads that Dads can, and have at times, done. There are subtle, and then some not-so-subtle, influences of the genres Dads tapped into but overall, I’m glad they did. In just 4 tracks, Dads showed how much they’re underrated.

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