Album Review: Daisyhead – “The Smallest Light”

It’s about time we get Daisyhead‘s show on the road. EPs and splits aside, Nashville has a player on the stage, indicative to the sounds of Balance and Composure, Citizen and even, Basement. But as their friends in Have Mercy showed recently, these guys can kick it with the best and rough things up to mold a sound that they own and also, shuck down your throat with an accessible and aggressive ease.

The Smallest Light‘s guitars duck and dive their way through riff after riff, complimenting each other and the vocals perfectly. Using the fast-paced “Lost Her” as an example, you can tell how frustrated they are and how much pent-up emotion they have to unleash a la Balance and Composure’s Separation – which I can see is what drew No Sleep Records to Daisyhead in the first place.

They do the soft-to-loud dynamic so well and cultivate a great grunge, post-hardcore, indie-emo rock feel. As with most songs on tap, the guitars intertwine and lead into crushing rhythm parts that make the songs so fresh, tasteful and engaging. Bits feel like Brand New and old-school Manchester Orchestra at times as they get so guitar-centric. Still, it doesn’t dilute what fans have grown to love from Daisyhead in the past.

Most songs build and build into thunderous roars before slipping away quietly into the night, as per “The Halt” and “Defenselessness”. I can’t stop boasting how immerse the lyrics are, topped off by tight musicianship and a hard-rock feel that nods to Superheaven’s Jar as well. There are so many huge riffs, dipping into atmospheric reverb sections that hit equally as hard throughout, all adding up for an absolutely staggering first LP. If you didn’t know them before, I can assure you, you’ll be hearing a lot more now. Great album from a band that’s going big places, very soon.

4 / 5 Stars

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