Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room working on new album

Dan Andriano has announced that he is working on the next album by his solo project, Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room. He wasn’t too clear on any specifics, simply just stating that the album will be released “soonish”. Here are his exact words:

“I’m so bad at keeping up with this stuff… Asian Man Records just texted me and said, “You haven’t made a Facebook post in over 10 months!”… Oh well.

There is some news though… I started working on a new record for The Emergency Room this week. I’m sort of in Pro Tools update limbo, so that’s not helping… But I’m finding some work arounds. The point is, new record out sometime soon(ish)… Here’s a picture of some sounds.


Dan Andriano released his debut album under the Emergency Room name, Hurricane Season, in 2011 via Asian Man Records.

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