Dave and Kurt of The Sharp Lads talk about their new album “Blackout Offensive” and upcoming tour

On March 10th, the 3rd full length from Brooklyn New York party punks The Sharp Lads entitled Blackout Offensive will hit the streets. Below is what frontman Dave Tierney and Bassist Kurt Wahlstrom had to say about their latest effort.

DS: Blackout Offensive is the third full length from The Sharp Lads correct?

Kurt: We’ve “put out” a lot of full length objects into people and the world, but if you mean albums, yes!

DS, Alright, I have to say it’s really fun stuff, I really love the energy you guys put into your albums, “Death By Misadventure” was one of my favorite albums of 2014, and I am totally head over heels in love with “Blackout Offensive” which I find little looser and more manic than your two previous releases, what can you tell me about what went into writing the new album?

Kurt: Thanks! We love it too and were able to bring in and put forth some new and different writing approaches. Like Phist Phight, New Orleans, and Follow the Buzzards are quite different. We even put a lot of thought into the track order, which may make it a bit manic, in efforts to mix things up but still keeping a nice flow of songs into one another.

Dave: We released Death By Misadventure and went on tour in March of last year. We started writing Blackout Offensive soon after getting home and recorded it in early October. It was really cool to know that we had a set amount of time when we had to write an entire album. I think it made us more focused.

DS: I have always loved both punk, and rock and roll bands, and have often heard the term punk & roll to describe bands who have their feet planted in both genres…do you consider yourselves to be a punk & roll band?

Kurt: We call it roll n’ punk actually…just kidding. I mean sure, I think it’s cool when people call or refer to us as that, because the term is pretty specific and you know you’re gonna be listening to rock n’ roll influenced punk or punk influenced rock n roll. But we’re also fine being called the classic “punk” or “rock n roll” genres too of course. In a diverse scene of so many bands though, sometimes it’s hard to describe your sound. I mean, we also have influences of hardcore, grunge, alternative and metal, so sometimes we even consider that when talking about our sound. At the same time we don’t get too hung up on genre and sound labels.

DS: I once read that you were “Brooklyn’s Party Punks” I like that title and from what I know of your music and live show I’d have to agree that it’s a good moniker how do you like it?

Kurt: Yeah – I mean our motto is “We’re gonna live forever!” I think it’s a fun little title and reputation to have and appeals to both our local Brooklyn fans and when we’re on the road in different cities.

Dave: Unlike many other legendary bands, we’ve never had a band member die. Nothing kills the vibe at a good party like someone dying.

DS: The Sharp Lads seem to tour quite a bit, I know you just did a winter run down from New York to Florida and back, what touring plans do you have in the works as far as support for Blackout Offensive?

Dave: We’re hitting the road again on March 14, heading south through Virginia, Alabama, New Orleans, and into Texas. We’re playing a few shows down at South by Southwest again and then touring up north a bit and working our way back east to New York.

DS: You played South by Southwest and the Altercation Punk Rock BBQ last year didn’t you?

Dave: Yeah, we played 5 shows during Southby last year including the BBQ.

DS: I have heard the Altercation BBQ is really rad tell us a little about it.

Kurt: One of the most fun, and best shows of the tour I’d say. I remember we had quite a drive from Corpus Christi back to Austin that morning as the BBQ was early and we got like 2 hours of sleep. But once we got there we definitely got a second wind with such a great vibe and crowd and everything else happening. And I feel like we put on one of our best shows, the sound was great, everyone was having a blast and it was just overall a great time partying with the other bands like Svetlanas that day.

Dave: I think they have free food, which sounds really cool, but I didn’t have any because I abstain from eating food for religious reasons.

DS: Any plans for the rest of the year you can share with us?

Dave: When we get back from tour, we’ll probably write some new songs, start planning the next tour, and take a short break so I can indulge in my real passion, competitive arm wrestling. When you experience a calling like that, you can only put it off for so long. Well, that goes for most people I guess. Not us really, we’re gonna live forever.

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