Dave Klein to rejoin Screeching Weasel for one show

Screeching Weasel have announced that bassist Dave Klein, who recently parted ways with Black Flag and rejoined They Stay Dead, will be returning to the ranks for single show in San Antonio, Texas:

“I love Dave Klein. In fact, he’s temping for us at our San Antonio gig on April 5th. But our bassist is the handsome, Rickenbacker-playing Mountain Of Madness, Poutine. Dave’s not back in Screeching Weasel, despite what the geniuses at Exclaim reported yesterday. He was just trying to get some Black Flag fans to check out Screeching Weasel and They Stay Dead. Which would’ve been obvious to Exclaim if they’d actually read the post they cut and pasted for their site. Like my good pal Sarah Palin always says, that’s the lamestream media for ya!”

Details and tickets for the show can be found over here.

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