Deforesters stream new track “What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?” ahead of new LP

Toronto punks Deforesters will release their debut album, “Leonard”, on February 25th through Black Numbers Records. It will serve as a follow-up to their 2016 self-titled EP. They are streaming advance track “What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?” now.

You can listen to the track over at Aux and see album details below.

1. Obligatory Cutesy Intro
2. A Song For The Reptoids Of Denver International Airport To Sing
3. I’ll Take The Crab Juice
4. Zesty Mordant
5. Is This A God Damn?
6. The Topiary Animals Are Telling Me To Do Terrible Things
7. Exercise In Futility
8. Air Out Your Stinkables
9. Clever Song Title
10. What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?
11. This Is Gibsonton Not Gainesville
12. Snow Line
13. Municipal Geography Lesson


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