Dexter Holland speaks to Loudwire about new Offspring album

In an interview with Loudwire, The Offspring frontman Dexter Holland offered some updates on the band’s anticipated new album, which will be their first since 2012’s Days Go By. Asked if the band was still working on the record, Holland replied:

“We’re not that clever [laughs], we’re just lazy. Every other time we’ve done a record, we hunker down and go into the studio for a year or however long it takes. We just decided not to do it that way this time. We thought let’s just do a couple of songs, work on them when we feel inspired and when we have it done, we thought, why wait? Let’s just go ahead and put it out.”

Holland was also asked about The Offspring’s upcoming plans and a possible release date for the new album, and his response was, “We’ve been recording the album at a real relaxed pace, like I said. Just when we feel inspired and go in and eventually we’ll get it together and go in and really finish it — knock it out. In the meantime we’ve got a bunch of touring lined up for the summer. We’re going to be doing a lot of stuff in the U.S. and going to Europe towards the end of the summer for festivals. What do they say in Spinal Tap? The world and elsewhere.”

Last month, The Offspring released a new single “Coming for You“, which will likely be included on the new album. The band last released the Summer Nationals EP in August 2014, which featured covers of songs originally by Bad Religion and Pennywise.

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