Drive Like Jehu members talk about reunion

Drive Like Jehu members John Reis and Mark Trombino recently spoke to Rolling Stone about the band’s reunion, which lasted for one free show that took place last Saturday in San Diego. Asked if the band will continue their reunion, Reis replied:

“I am confident everyone is going to kill it, and this is going to slay.”

Trombino added, “When we decided to do this, I knew I would need more practice than anyone. I bought a kit right away. I sold my old one when I moved to Los Angeles 15 years ago. I’d always planned on buying another one, but it never happened because I was too busy recording. I think all of us have been playing along to Yank Crime to remember how the songs go.”

Drive Like Jehu split up in 1995, a year after releasing their final album Yank Crime on Interscope Records.

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