Drive-Thru Records owner hints at possible comeback

During an interview with Soundsupply, former Drive-Thru Records co-owner Stefanie Reines hinted at the possibility of the label making a comeback. Check out Reines’ comments here.

Drive-Thru was founded by siblings Richard and Stefanie Reines in 1996, and signed bands like Allister, Fenix TX, Hellogoodbye, Dashboard Confessional, Finch, RX Bandits, Midtown, and Something Corporate, among many others. They went on “indefinite hiatus” in 2008.

Richard and I started this label out of the pure love for music and wanting to help bands. Anyone can call bullshit, but everyone who truly knows us, knows that’s the fact. The bands always came first. We went through so many ups and downs with MCA/Geffen, Sanctuary, with the bands themselves, as well as fans / haters and critics, that in the end we just felt battered. Labels wanted to do deals with us as the 3rd incarnation of Drive-Thru Records and I just remember being on a plane from NY to LA coming home from a bunch of meetings, and Richard saying to me, “The thought of waking up and doing DTR for one more day literally makes me sick.” I agreed. I was 24 and Richard was 27 when we founded the label and our one and only rule was: once this is no longer fun, that is the day we stop doing it. So we pulled the plug. Luckily, we had connected with a bunch of kids from San Diego called Allstar (who for legal reasons later added Weekend). They wanted to sign to DTR and we explained we were putting it on hold, but would manage them. Five years later, our relationship with them is still going strong. Our current management roster includes The Tragic Thrills who recorded a record in Nashville with Jason Lehning (Mat Kearney) and I am so excited about it. Personal lyrics, but constructed in a really cool and different way. Nothing But Thieves from the UK who have a Jeff Buckey-ish singer with vibey, indie rock music. Nick Tangorra who is a great pop singer.

After 5 years, Richard and I seemed to have found the inspiration and desire to start again. For some reason we love to prove ourselves. The most exciting thing for us is to take something from nothing, and build it.

That’s what we did with our label. It’s what we did with every band on our label. Now we’re getting the itch to do it again. We may not call it “Drive-Thru Records,” but something is brewing!



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