DS Exclusive: Debt Neglector premiere “Go Fund Yourself” off new EP “The Kids are Pissed”

I don’t know about you, but not paying off my medical bills is one of my favorite American past-times. “Oh, the humanity!” “Oh the inhumanity!” is more like it with the egregious cost of healthcare fueled by the depraved standards of big buck pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies, incredulous copyright and patenting laws, and insurance-lobby-leaning legislation enforcing the swampy bureaucratic aspirations of greed-mongering corporate bung-o-leers (*deep breathe*), which makes it almost impossible to live comfortably while paying off the bills of some of my more spontaneous ER visit accruals. (I skate. So sue me!) Also, my insurance sucks!… but I’m sure there’s no end to upper-middle class families out there totally keen on paying off my cost-sharing deductions.

…and so enters Debt Neglector, the Orlando natives who have made a nice niche for themselves touring up and down the East Coast with the subtle suggestion, “why not end the dual party supported military industrial complex and invest the money where it actually counts?”

Debt Neglector has announced a new six-track EP, The Kids are Pissed (which is anything but subtle), out October 26, 2018 on Smartpunk Records, and Dying Scene is proud to present to you an exclusive track-stream of the single, “Go Fund Yourself” off of the new EP, which equates the Go Fund Me healthcare revolution to a big ‘FUCK YOU!’ from our “representatives” in office.  In what isn’t exactly a disingenuous cultural assessment, “But don’t you know we’ve got a big surplus of bombs?” the chorus goes, “Go fund yourself, go fuck yourselves!”

From the band:

“[Go Fund Yourself] is one of the more pissed-off sounding songs on the record. We wanted to do something angry and driving, but not necessarily fast. We were shooting for almost an updated take on an early 80s West Coast hardcore vibe. There’s lots of feedback and dissonance, but some melody in there, too. It’s about the despicable state of our country’s healthcare system. Insurance companies are raking in profits while diabetics are dying because they can’t afford insulin. People avoid going to get help when they’re sick because the bills and debt will haunt them and then they end up dead. It’s insane to me that Democrats and Republicans both approve military spending bill after military spending bill as if there’s an endless source of funds, then say, ‘Oh we don’t have the money for universal healthcare.’ It’s gross. And then families are forced to crowdfund their kid’s cancer treatment. Or go bankrupt in the process of trying to stay alive. It’s fucking dystopian.”

The Kids are Pissed  is a follow-up to the bands 2017 debut LP, Atomicland, available for streaming, digital download, and on snot-green vinyl here. Pre-orders for The Kids are Pissed are available here with a special offer on orders before 9/30 for a chance to win two weekend passes to Fest 17.

Stream “Go Fund Yourself” below.

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