DS Exclusive Interview: The Nation Blue, stream “Higher Form”

Welcome to the final interview in our Spoonfest series!  If you’ve been following the series you’d now almost be bffs with the majority of the bands on the line-up.  Because we like to go out in style, we are polishing off the series today with Australian legends and Spoonfest headliners, The Nation Blue.

The Nation Blue turns 15 in 2011 and we sent a quick Q & A to Matt Weston who tells us about the band, the Australian music scene, and being in the running for the “Best Promotional Video” award in 2011.  You can also stream their killer track, “Higher Form.”  Check out the interview, video and track right here.

Spoonfest kicks off at 5pm tomorrow at the The Step Inn (Brisbane, Australia).  Be sure to pick up a ticket here and be there.  When hangovers subside and the C sharp ringing in our ears stops we will be back with a show review and photos of the night.  BOOM!

[Audio: 07-Higher-Form.mp3|titles= Higher Form|artists= The Nation Blue]

A few of our readers won’t be familiar with The Nation Blue.  Can you tell us a bit about your long history?

We are a three-piece noise rock band from Melbourne via Hobart, who have been disappointing audiences since 1996.

How does the song writing process work for you guys?

It all varies. Tom is the main nerd who spends weeks noodling and coming up with riffs or bits, that inevitably become butchered once Dan and I get to them. Other times we just jam, man.

The Nation Blue has been together for 15 years.  How has the Australian music scene changed since you started out in 1996?

Enormously. People used to buy records. You also had to put some effort into discovering bands, which you were regularly rewarded for. Now all you have to do is Google search a bands name followed by the word ‘torrent’ and you can have their entire back catalogue in half an hour. There are also a lot more horrible bands floating around at the moment.

What are your thoughts on the current state of punk rock?

I think punk rock is a marketing tool. Punk rock really is a state of mind. Any band that tours around in the back of vans, sleeps on peoples floors, begs, borrows and steals to be able to play, and attempts overseas tours despite crippling debt is punk rock to me.

You guys are considered legends in circles, how do you keep the band together for so long and keep writing new material?

We don’t play much so that when we do anything it is always good fun.

The Nation Blue is in the lead for the ‘Best Promotional Video of 2011’ award with the pearler that was ‘The Nation Blue is doing a nu thang.’  How on earth did that come about?  Where did you find that kid?

That is actually a video of Tom that his mum sent to us on VHS along with a box of other stuff of his from his childhood – things like Voltron toys and old play doh. Things got a bit weird for him down there.


How is the ‘nu thang’ different from the ‘old thang.’

Less rapey.

It’s been a while since you released “Rising Waters.”  What is next for the band?

Not much. We smell vinyl, just working on how that might come about.

If you could choose any band to cover a Nation Blue song who would that be and why?

I reckon the Melvins would do a killer version of anyone’s song, as they have proven in the past, but it would probably just make me give up wanting to play.

As gents with limited time, funds, real lives and jobs, what is the most difficult part of being in a band?

Having to sit through other terrible bands.

What are three things the world should know about The Nation Blue?

1. Dan McKay is related to Jean Claude Van Damme. (Second uncle)

2. Tom just bought a new shirt, first in a few years. He looks great in it.

3. Matt has an upcoming acting role in Home and Away.

Who are you most looking forward to watching at Spoonfest…and why?

Headaches. They’re sick, brah.

Any final words to the readers of Dying Scene?

If you ‘like’ our Facebook Page, we are going to be giving away a free, rare, unreleased live @ the wireless recording from 2002.

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