DS Exclusive: Mike McColgan (Street Dogs) comments on snubbing allegations made by Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides)

A couple days ago Black Veil Brides front-man, Andy Biersack, did a video interview with BlankTV in which he tells a story about being snubbed by singer Mike McColgan of Street Dogs.  Biersack, who claims to be a huge Street Dogs fan, doesn’t get specific but insinuates that McColgan was less than friendly when Andy met him after a Social Distortion show back in 2005.  In response to these snubbing allegations, McColgan issued the following statement exclusively to Dying Scene.

“Andy seems like a nice enough guy and it appears that Spielman [BlankTV host doing the interview] led him down the primrose path and had him concoct some false story about me snubbing him. It was hilarious as well when Andy said he waited in line to meet me back in 2005 when we were the opening band for Social Distortion. There were no lines to meet me or anyone else in Street Dogs on that tour! With the exception of a few Murphys fans here and there no one knew who we were! My message to Andy is simple: pick your friends better and don’t operate in this business with snake oil salesmen!”

You can watch the original BlankTV interview with Andy Biersack right here (jump to minute 6:05 for part about McColgan).

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  1. Bahrum4/15/2011 2:00 PM | Permalink

    I was at a show back in (I would say) 2007… Street Dogs opened for Bad Religion.

    Even then, I don’t remember much of a line but, it looked like the Dogs were receptive and open to any fans!

    That night I was in the front row (@ the house of blues, Anaheim I think) I got McColgan sweat all over me as he sung into the crowd! ahahaha… great show!


  2. Layla Deene4/15/2011 6:04 PM | Permalink

    I can tell from experience that Mike McColgan is one of the nicest and most stand up guys I’ve ever met. He’s personable as hell. This guy is crazy. No way it happened like that.

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