DS Exclusive Stream: Death Punch / The Sparring split – “Round 1”

We’re going to start this Monday off right with an exclusive stream of some hard hitting punk rock.  It comes to you in the form of an exclusive first listen of “Round 1,” the upcoming split between hardcore punks Death Punch and aggressive street punk act The Sparring.  The album is being released August 9th via Old Shoe Records but you can stream the entire thing right now, right here.  Booyah!

[Audio:01-kraken.mp3, 02-all-i-need.mp3, 03-american-zero.mp3, 04-disguises.mp3, 05-sheep.mp3, 06-skate-and-destroy.mp3, 07-robert-paulson.mp3, 08-party.mp3|titles=Kraken, All I Need, American Zero, Disguises, Sheep, Skate & Destroy, Robert Paulson, Party|artists=Death Punch, Death Punch, Death Punch, Death Punch, The Sparring, The Sparring, The Sparring, The Sparring]

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