DS Exclusive: Track by Track of “People. Religion. Death” by Part Time Killer

Music is a beautiful thing and one of the beauties that lies within it is the ability for two people to interpret a songs meaning completely differently.  We derive our own meanings from any words we hear and use that interpretation to relate it back to ourselves and the world around us.  Here at Dying Scene, we always want to know more about it so this time we asked Alex Aaltola, bass player and singer for Part Time Killer to give us a run down on meaning behind the words on their new album, “People.  Religion.  Death.”  You can read the full track by track breakdown here.

The album was released on March 9th and you can grab a copy on the Pee Records website.

1. “Heartbreaking Music”

This song is a little story about touring and band life. Sometimes it gets hard to be on the road if thing´s don´t go as planned and you just would like to be back home with your family but in the same time touring is so damn awesome that you forget all the shitty things what has happened!

2. “Saving The World”

I had a dream once that Elvis was alive and there was no wars in the world. Normally I can´t remember my dreams but this stuck with me and ´cause this dream was so damn weird I had to make lyrics from it heh. Elvis and war in the same dream bizarre enough.

3. “15 min. Of Fame”

Story about modern lifestyle. Seems that only goal and message to young kids nowadays is to be famous and make easy living without doing anything…TV and modern society doesen´t help to change that impression at all.

There was a inquiry in Finland where teenage kids were asked about their future plans / career plans and huge amount of those kids answered “I´d like to be famous” I guess it´s pretty much same in all over the world.

4. “Teenage Riot”

The tittle tells it all hehe. Song about growing up.

5. “Days Of Insanity”

Song about closing our eyes from unpleasant things in world. “In one blink of an eye we could change the world, feed the hungry and save the poor”…

6. “Weight Of The World”

This is a old Flippin´Beans song. When the song was made back in the days I had a bit rough period in my life. This song or making this song helped me through it and I´ve heard few times that it has helped someone else too…

7. “Perfect Crime”

One dictator down another one steps up. This song is all about that. It happens all over the world.

8. “War”

I wrote these lyrics after seeing documentaries from Africa. Kids with guns, genocides the list goes on…

9. “Anti-Everything”

Song about blind faith and habits. Yet again we could save lives all over the world if we´d just put our religions and old fashion habits aside!

10. “Church And State”

Religions/Church runs the governments, governments justify wars and laws based on religion…

11. “Your Life Story”

Song about friendship. I wrote these lyrics based on one of my friends life…

12. “Freedom Fight?”

If you shoot someone in the name of freedom and peace it´s not right!? I just don´t believe that we as human beings don´t have any other solutions for helping those who are in need of help…

If you haven’t already heard the album, here’s a little album teaser put together by the band.

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