DS Photo Gallery: Bad Religion (Day One), Adolescents, 5 Days Dirty SF

This past 420 holiday weekend, San Francisco was one lucky city. It wasn’t just because of the vast dispensaries, or Hippie Hill, or the Haight district that filled with tourists, stoners, and locals alike that bright Monday one week ago. No, San Francisco was lucky because we got two, back-to-back nights of one of the most influential punk bands of all time – Bad Religion. The professor and company were doing a little experiment and were set to play tracks pre-2000 (songs from the 20th century) one night, and songs from the 21st century the following night. The turnout, the energy, and the set list were definitely more popular on day one – which is completely understood.

5 Days Dirty was the first of the three bands to play night one, and their ripping guitars and heavy percussion were epic…if only there were more people to see it. The vocals and bridges seemed like a perfect fit to start the night. The band just recently released their new album, “50 Year Storm”, which you can sample here.

The Adolescents and Bad Religion playing together is like peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly. It just goes together. The band is aging, but showing no signs of slowing down, as Tony and crew had the crowd going nuts. Of course the obligatory “Amoeba”, “I Hate Children”, and “Wrecking Crew” were greeted with thrashful delight. It’s always great seeing these guys keep up the energy.

“Spirit Shine” as an opener? I don’t think anyone saw that coming as Bad Religion took to the stage. There was no time for contemplation as the group went right into “Recipe For Hate”, followed by “We’re Only Gonna Die” and “Stranger Than Fiction”. It was literally my teenage playlist as “1000 More Fools”, “You Are The Gov’t”, “Suffer”, “The Gray Race”, and so many more absolute favorites inebriated the sold-out crowd. You can see the entire set list below.

Big thanks to Epitaph and Justine from Goldenvoice for helping along the way.

Have a look at all the night’s photos below, and stay tuned for Day Two of Bad Religion later this afternoon.

4.19. set list
spirit shine
recipe for hate
only gonna die
stranger than fiction
against the grain
sewing the seed of utopia
you are the govt
1000 more fools
how much is enough
delirium of disorder
do what you want
the gray race
part iii
hopeless housewife
modern man
no direction
change of ideas
big bang
conquer the world
struck a nerve
the handshake
american jesus
along the way
new america
fuck armageddon

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