DS Photo Gallery: Bad Religion (Day Two), OFF!, Western Addiction SF

I woke up Monday morning feeling like a bus hit me, with Bad Religion still playing in my pounding head. The band rocked the night before, and I was excited to see what night two had in store. A trip to Golden Gate Park before the show set me right and proper, and I was ready to dance to favorites like “Sorrow”, “True North”, and “Robin Hood In Reverse”, among many others. Tonight was to be a night of songs exclusively from the 21st century, and while the crowd still packed the house, it was not as rambunctious nor full as the night before. Everyone enjoyed themselves nonetheless, right from the beginning.

Western Addiction opened the night to a pretty full house. I’ve been a fan for a while now, and it was great to see them kill it. The guys recently released their newest album, “I’m Not The Man I Thought I’d Be”, this past March, which you can listen to here.

OFF! is always out of control and tonight was no different. Between Keith Morris’ crazy and intense facial expressions and Steven Shane McDonald’s beautiful bass lines, the California supergroup puts on one hell of a show.

Bad Religion began their night in equally surprising fashion as night one, this time kicking off their set with ‘Kyoto Now”, before going right into “Social Suicide”. I had just left the photo pits when “Robin Hood in Reverse” started playing. Such a shame because I couldn’t ditch my gear in time to get to my other favorite pit. This is one of my all-time favorite bands and I watched on with awe and childhood amazement as they went through songs like “Supersonic”, “Dharma and the Bomb”, “Fuck You”, and so many more…I thought the set was going to last forever.

Have a look at all the shots night two below.

Big thanks to Epitaph and Justine from Goldenvoice for help along the way.

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