DS Photo Gallery: Death By Stereo, Lagwagon, and Pennywise at The Warfield. San Francisco, CA (3/1/13)

It is typically pretty rare for me to see the same band twice in one week, but such was the case a couple weeks ago when Pennywise paid a visit to the Greater Bay Area of California. The Sacramento show and the San Francisco show not only varied in their lineups, but also in their overall vibes. While the SF show featured what I consider to be more ‘quintessential’ Pennywise raucousness, the Sacramento definitely had a little bit more unbridled energy from the fans.

And of course, what SF show is complete without a little cameo from NOFX’s Fat Mike…errr Fit Mike, who joined the band on stage for a little rendition of “Murder The Government”. Classic.

Check out live shots from both Death By Stereo, Lagwagon, and Pennwise here.

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