DS Photo Gallery: La Plebe, Re-Volts, Ruleta Rusa, Bum City Saints at Bottom of The Hill. San Francisco, CA 10/31/13

Bum City Saints has recently become one of my favorite bands. Their energy, ripping chords, gang vocals, and attitude are invigorating to witness. The band has a a gritty edge but is very concise and clean with their drops, bridges, and solos. The guys released their newest EP “New Beginnings” a couple of months ago through Pirates Press Records, and was enlisted to roll-out the weekend of festivities on last Thursday night, the beginning of what was to be a ridiculous weekend at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco.

Despite some technical difficulties, the band put on a great set, and definitely lit the fire in the crowd for the night to come. The guys played a lot from “New Beginnings” and also previewed an unreleased song off their upcoming 7″. After the Saints was a band that I had not before heard of, entitled Ruleta Rusa.

All bands on the bill for the evening hailed from San Francisco, however I had yet to come across this band in my travels. Think a little Krum Bums mixed with some Leftover Crack, and a lot of fog-machine. Being it a Halloween show, frontman Jose came out with fake blood to add to their style. While the fog machine was a bit much at times, the stage presence of the band made it worth it (as photos may attest). The Re-Volts were next to take the stage, after a much needed fresh-air break.

The Re-Volts are a supergroup of sorts with members of Swingin’ Utters, One Man Army, and US Bombs (just to name a few) sharing the stage. Frontman Spike Slawson lived up to his outlandish attire, this time in terrorist bomber garb. Gotta love the sight of a unabomber shaking a maraca.

To round out the night was another one of my favorite local (SF) bands, La Plebe. If you have yet to hear of them, go educate yourself right here. ┬áThe band can be best described as drunken cantina punk rock with horns, and sped the fuck up. People travel from far and wide to see these guys, and if you have ever had the chance, you would agree it is worth it. They get the crowd moving and thrashing, inviting them to share the spotlight with them, and they leave literally nothing on stage. The band had just released a new single days before – a ‘plugged-in’ version of “Been Drinkin’ Again”, with a B-side of “Silver & Gold” (Joe Strummer cover), both of which the guys delighted fans ears with.

I was of course camera-in-tow for the night’s events, so click here to check out shots from all four bands respectively – Bum City Saints. Ruleta Rusa. Re-Volts. La Plebe.

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