DS Photo Gallery: Leftover Crack, Blackbird Raum, Union 13, Juicy Karkass at Thee Parkside SF

If the theme of the first week of February’s concerts was ska, then the name of game last week was punk – of the crust and street variety.

First band to the stage to start off the week was Juicy Karkass. The ‘punk/hip hop’ group played an interesting blend of rap, country, southern rock, and ‘punk’. The crowd was still wetting their whistle, but the band managed to garner quite the crowd.

Union 13 is one of those band’s that never gets old, and they seem to never tire on stage. This was my first time seeing the punk quartet, and they were everything I had dreamed of all these years. Energetic, hard riffs, and fast lyrics are what have made this band a benchmark in the LA punk scene.

Blackbird Raum is part of this new-ish wave of anarchist/folk/punk bands kind of spearheaded in their hometown of Santa Cruz, CA. The band has a relatively tumultuous past, and is still having some lineup issues, but you would never know. I love this type of music and so did Thee Parkside, barely allowing the band to hold the stage as fists and boots were flying.

The climax of the night’s performances centered around the NYC crust-punk band Leftover Crack, who was smack dab in the middle of their West Coast tour stint. It’s such a treat to see that, despite a few more gray hairs, the guys are just as raucous and rambunctious as ever. Many of the tracks performed have since formed into a blur, but “Gang Control” is always one of my favorites.

You can check out all of the photos from the night’s debauchery below.

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