DS Photo Gallery: Lenny Lashley, Uke-Hunt @ DNA Lounge SF

I rolled up to DNA Lounge last Thursday night for an intimate show including Street Dog guitarist Lenny Lashley‘s acoustic set, and a performance from local super group Uke-Hunt (your choice on the pronunciation). The small crowd of friends, musicians, and familiar faces all came together to see these guys rock, but no dancing shoes required – this was to be a relatively calm one.

Lenny Lashley began the night without much introduction, starting off his set with his single “Bruiser”. This song was a bit hard for me to hear, as my brother recently lost his beloved dog, so I grabbed the camera and went to work in an effort to maintain dry eyes. The A-side of that recent seven-inch “Live Like Lions” (also one of my favorite songs) was/were also performed, greeted by looks of admiration and reflection from the crowd. When the chords of “JFK” started pouring out Lenny’s acoustic I felt goosebumps take over – it was incredible. And of course, the obligatory “Hooligans” reminded us all of that more ‘innocent’ time. Lashley encompasses all that is great about solo, acoustic musicians – the gritty, iconic, Boston-stained voice, heartfelt and reflective lyrics shining through powerful, resounding chords, and just the right amount of harmonica. While it was a rather subdued night, I’m sure I shared the same excitement with everyone in attendance to see this Street Dog legend.

I wouldn’t say Lenny Lashley opened the night for Uke-Hunt, as they share definitely different styles and messages. The super group fronted by Spike Slawson puts on just a good-ol fashioned fun-time show. The band performs ‘Hawaiian/tropical’ covers of classic and popular songs alike including their standard “Because” (The Dave Clark Five), Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy The Silence”, and David Bowie’s “The Prettiest Star”, just to name a few. A few sways and couples dancing get that je-ne-sais-quoi going. I guess the music just puts you in that ‘mood’, as by the end of the set we witnessed a marriage proposal – right there on the dance floor of the DNA Lounge. Well done Spike.

The intimate night of acoustic and ukulele came to an end, and as the crowd of close acquaintances and fans began to disperse, I reflected on how lucky I am to have such a thriving music scene in this beautiful city I call home.

Have a look at shots from the night’s performances below.

Thanks to Fat Wreck Chords, all the Pirates Press crew, Alberto C., DNA, and everyone who made the night memorable.


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