DS Photo Gallery: Subhumans, La Plebe at Metro, Oakland (10.23.15)

Night two of the Subhumans in the Bay Area took place at the ol Metro Operahouse in Oakland. But don’t pay attention to the venue name – no opera here tonight, just pure punk rock (and a little horns). I would come to realize that night one paled in comparison to the second night, for many reasons – one being the amazing La Plebe de San Pancho (aka La Plebe).

First to the stage was Oakland-based Love Songs who play a classic style of punk rock with a blend of gang anthems, melodic vocals, ripping guitar, and a bit of the macabre. I had just arrived as the guys took to the stage, and made my rounds to say hi to all friends and acquaintances. Camera stayed in the bag for this set, in preparation for the debauchery of La Plebe. Love Songs has just finished recording a new album, so be sure to stay tuned for more updates as they become available. The band is also contributing tracks to the “Dookie Tribute Records”, which is set to be released in the following months.

I’ve seen La Plebe more times than I can count on my hands, however it still seems like not enough. I absolutely love these guys. From the first chord til the last trumpet blare, these guys deliver non-stop energy, fast-paced action, and leave fans sweaty, bruised, and out of breath. The band mixes traditional punk chords with cantina-style horns, switching from English and Spanish vocals, often times within the same song. “Guerra Sucia” is one of my all-time favorites which appeared on the setlist, as well as “Siempre Unidos”, “Pinches Fronteras”, and “Bella Ciao” which always gets the crowd going nuts. There literally is not a song from their discography that I don’t love.

I hadn’t dispensed all my energy quite yet, and was excited to enjoy the Subhumans in a much larger venue than Thee Parkside the night before. The band played much of the same set, but with a little more time on stage, the band mixed it up a little bit. “Internal Riot”, “Supermarket Forces”, “Peroxide”, “It’s Gonna Get Worse” saw the light of day alongside the classics “No”, “Religious Wars”, and more by which we have come to love the Subhumans. I wish there was more people that knew how to dance to this music, instead of just jumping and running around like little kids. Oh well, times have changed. One thing that has remained constant? – Dick Lucas’ amazing stage presence and quintessential vocals. I would love to see a final album from the Brits before they head into retirement.

Have a look at La Plebe and Subhumans’ photos below.

Thanks to Alberto, Mark, Jason, Vanessa, and all my local mates that made this an incredible show.

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