DS Photo Gallery: Swingin’ Utters at Punk Rock Bowling

Saturday afternoon at Punk Rock Bowling featured a slew of great bands, with the legendary The Damned and Devo rounding the night out.

After The Briggs, and before The Weirdos, was the influential folk-punk band, Swingin’ Utters, whom I’m sure need no introduction.

I am shite with remembering setlists and songs and all that, but suffice it to say, it was classic Utters at its finest. You had Johnny going frickin’ nuts on stage, Darius and the gang jammin’ out, and…well, just have a look at the pics and throw on some “Juvenile Product Of The Working Class”, and it shan’t be too hard to imagine yourself there.

Check out shots from Swingin’ Utters’ set here.

Swingin’ Utters are currently on tour in the US and Canada. Head here to check out when they’ll be passing through your town.

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