DS Photo Gallery: The Adicts, La Plebe, Screaming Bloody Marys at The Fillmore SF (1.24.16)

I wrapped up my string of shows last weekend in proper fashion, with performances by two of my favorite bands, The Adicts and La Plebe. Opening the night was local rock ‘n’ roll/punk band Screaming Bloody Marys.

I had never heard of the openers before, however they put on a pretty good set, with frontwoman Angelique X Stacy bellowing to the crowd. The stage presence was on point – energetic, intense, with a little tinge of burlseque (without all the risque).

The reason I was really here was for the next two bands. I am lucky enough to live in San Francisco and to be able to have an incredible number of extremely talented musicians living closeby. Indeed, I just saw Joey Cape having lunch by my house yesterday. But I digress. A band that I have grown to know and love over the years is La Plebe (who really needs no introduction). The guys are always on point with their songs, and never cease to draw huge numbers of crowds to their shows. It’s almost as if a bus of La Plebe fans gets dropped off right before their set, because as the boys take to the stage, the dancehall always fills up with eager and energetic Plebians, who dance and sing the whole night long. And with tracks like “Guerra Sucia”, “Jaulas”, “Campesino”, “Brazo en Brazo”, “Bella Ciao”, and so many more, it’s no wonder why. La Plebe is one of those bands of which I need no refresher. In fact, I’ve been privileged to see them five times in the last two months, and I would do another five if given the opportunity. New work is coming slowly for the quintet, but you can be sure that when it is, it will rock. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months.

Headliners for the night were The Adicts, another one of those bands that puts on an amazing live show. Costumes, confetti, and carnival-feelings define these guys, and Monkey’s outlandish ensembles always trump the last one he wore. This time would be no different, taking to the stage looking like a punk peacock of some sort. An Adicts show is truly a party, and it seems there is never a frown in the house, until the last song. “Chinese Takeaway”, “Steamroller”, “Smart Alex”, “Ode to Joy”, “Joker In The Pack”, and many more have become part of the staple Adicts’ set, but they never get old. With their latest material out nearly four years ago, The Adicts have kind of become that predictable band with predictable set – but in this case this is not a bad thing at all. You know what you’re getting into, so get on the floor and dance!

Have a look at photos from all three sets below.

Huge thanks to Mark and the guys for helping with entry, and everyone else who made this night epic.

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