DS Photo Gallery: The Interrupters with Masked Intruder & Rat Boy (The Ogden Theater, Denver)

For me, Friday April 5th 2019 was a night of excitement, curiosity and comfort. Ska superstars, The Interrupters were here in The Mile High and having seen them perform many times before, there’s s sense of comfort and familiarity that I feel every time I catch one of their live performances. On the flip side of that coin, I had never had the chance to see the legendary antics of Fat Wreck alum Masked Intruder before. Many fables have been told of their highly interactive and massively entertaining sets, the lore alone enough to pique my interest. So, I was more excited than I normally am for a show, just to add this specific feather to my cap. I also had some curiosity mixed in as the opening act, Rat Boy was in from the UK and other than knowing that Tim Timebomb had taken the young act under his wing, I knew nothing about them. INTRIGUE!! So, I grabbed my trusty Nikon and headed down to The Ogden Theatre to the punk rock shooooow! Check out the full review and gallery below!

As previously mentioned, I really hadn’t heard too much about UK punk/hip hop hybrid, Rat Boy. I knew that they had been endorsed by Mr. Timebomb and that they had recently signed to Epitaph/Hellcat, but other than that, this four piece was a mystery to me. The lads played through their unique catalog of songs, which mix traditional punk guitar riffs with hip-hop style vocals and cadences, ‘Chip on My Shoulder’ and ‘So What’ off of the new LP were the definitive crowd pleasures (I even caught the security crew bobbing their heads). The highlight of the night for me though, was guitarist Harry. He was frantic, yet composed and extremely entertaining to watch even through some technical difficulties. The boys were also celebrating Drummer Noah’s birthday, for which all he wanted was for the crowd to ‘hop around’ which they gleefully and promptly provided. Great start to the night!

Masked Intruder was up next, after a quick stage change! Being my first time seeing them, I was chomping at the bit to get into the photo pit. Once I was loosed, I scurried into position and got prepared to be blown away. I was not disappointed! They Intruders (Purple was filling in for Yellow, who’s still in da clink) and Officer Bradford constantly engaged with the crowd either physically coming down into the pit or via their sharp tongued banter. The playful set was littered with tracks from as far back as their exceptional debut album on up through their newest LP which was just released a month or so ago. ‘I Fought The Law’ and ‘The Most Beautiful Girl’ got a big rise out of the already jubilant crowd but the greatest cheer came when it was time for the fan duet of ‘Heart Shaped Guitar’ when one lucky female fan was pulled on stage to sing the female vocals and she put on a glorious performance, never missing a beat! Officer Bradford,  danced like the imp he is and while doing so displayed a most impressive feat of dexterity, catching a hat thrown from the rowdy crowd mid-flight and in one silky smooth move he popped it right on his head. Who knew he was so graceful??

The final act of the night The Interrupters, took the stage to uproarious applause. If there was any question about who the audience had primarily shown up for, it was answered at that moment. The San Fernando Valley sweethearts put on their typical energetic set, jumping off of monitors and high fiving the exuberant fans who were pressed up against the barricade. ‘She Got Arrested’; ‘Turntable’; ‘Kerosene’, the set list was all over the place, dipping its toe into every album in the band’s ever growing library but they also did a few covers! My personal favorite was when they played through a mini-medley of Bay Area bands, playing the opening riffs of Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’, ‘Linoleum’ by NOFX and Green Day’s ‘When I Come Around’ before ultimately settling on and performing the complete version of  ‘Sound System’ by the legendary East Bay punks, Op Ivy.  The fivesome closed things out with ‘This is My Family’ as Masked Intruder came back out on stage to provide vocal support. An excellent night of music all around! Thanks Epitaph!

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