DS Photo Gallery: The Weirdos at Punk Rock Bowling

It’s 7:45 Saturday night. Swingin’ Utters has just wrapped up their set at Punk Rock Bowling. The intense heat is starting to fade, and my buzz is starting to intensify. Up next to the stage are The Weirdos. I know I’ve heard of them before, but I can’t place any of their music.

The Weirdos got their start in LA in the late 70’s and 80’s. Called one of the “brightest American bands of punk’s first wave”, the band never celebrated much commercial success, however their influence is vast-reaching. To get an idea of what the band is all about, check out this little music video from their 1980 release “Action Design” EP.

Check out shots from The Weirdos’ set at Punk Rock Bowling right here.

Tomorrow is The Damned. You have been warned.

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