DS Photo Gallery: The Workin’ Stiffs, Suede Razors, Custom Fit at Thee Parkside SF

I roll out of bed last Friday still feeling crusty from the Leftover Crack show the night before. No time to rest, as tonight is to be a party of local street punk. Custom Fit, Suede Razors, and The Workin’ Stiffs were to share the stage at the sweaty ol’ Parkside. La Plebe was originally scheduled to headline the event, however due to some personal issues, they cancelled their performance a week or so before the event. While that may have dissuaded the Plebeians, there were still three amazing bands playing, so I was sure to be there.

I have seen all three bands several times, and it’s always a reunion of sorts with familiar faces and of course many Pirates cameos. Santa Cruz, CA’s Custom Fit was first to the stage and lead singer Sabi never disappoints. Her voice is amazing! Such a refreshing sound to the scene, and holds true to that traditional street punk attitude. The stand-out moment during their set was when they played “Combat” off their 2013 untitled 12″. I was in the bathroom when the song started and I had to bolt out to catch the first kick. You can listen to “Combat” here.

Following Custom Fit was East Bay band Suede Razors. Comprised of members from bands such as Harrington Saints, Sydney Ducks, The Bootboys, and Hounds & Harlots, these guys are no strangers to the scene. Their sound is a mix of classic streetpunk/Oi! mixed with a little pub rock/hooliganism and ’60’s-’70’s guitar riffs. Another one of those ill timed moments was at the bar ordering a drink when the band began to play their new song “Passion on the Pitch”, which is coming out on 7″ next month. I had to get on the floor and throw some fists and claps! You can check out a preview of the upcoming track here.

Rounding out the night was San Francisco’s own The Workin’ Stiffs. Like a siren call, guitarist Novak started the set off quite properly, wasting no time getting the crowd moving from literally the first chord. Close your eyes and you’re transported to this era of ’80’s angst. Sharp-ass guitar riffs, driving beats, and gritty, emotionally charged vocals are what has given this band it’s staying power. The only down time you have to catch your breath is when the band stalls because they, “only have so many songs and we have to fill time!” Truth be told, the guys have been around since the mid ’90’s, and despite several hiatuses over the years, has released a plethora of music, and throughout the night sampled from a large portion of their catalog, primarily ‘the old stuff’.

You can have a look at all of the shots from the night’s sets below.

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