DS Records comp features new tracks from Stray Bullets, Ellesmere, A Dying Regime, & Yankee Brutal

When I was younger one of the pivotal releases responsible for getting me obsessed with punk rock was the first Fat Wreck Chords compilation, “Fat Music For Fat People”.  It introduced me to a bunch of bands that I still cherish today and though I became quite familiar with the label’s roster afterward, I would still eagerly await each new Fat comp simply for the few previously unreleased tracks they would inevitably feature.

Sadly, that tradition sorta fizzled away, but as an homage to the glory days of “Fat Music For Fat People”, “Punk O Rama” and the rest of those fantastic label comps put out in the 90’s it is my distinct pleasure to bring you “Dying Music For A Dying Scene”, the first Dying Scene Records compilation.

It includes 2 tracks from each band on the label including brand new, previously unreleased tunes from Stray Bullets, Ellesmere, A Dying Regime and Yankee Brutal.  Oh, and did I mention its FREE?

Please give the comp a listen below and download it for free on bandcamp.

photo on album cover art by Lauren Cohen (Houston, TX).

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  1. vonnegutish
    vonnegutish5/22/2015 9:50 PM | Permalink

    well that was a bunch of pop fucked obnoxiousness. Sounds a whole hell of a lot like the soundtrack to a tween oriented disney flick.

  2. dying
    Johnny X5/23/2015 4:24 PM | Permalink

    Seems a little harsh and certainly not how I would describe it. Are you just trolling? You must be trolling. And I just fell for it!

  3. vonnegutish
    vonnegutish5/23/2015 7:05 PM | Permalink

    Nah man not trolling. I was drinking and therefore maybe I didn’t hold back enough with my opinion. Seriously though that is some seriously poppy fuckin music

  4. pfilc
    pfilc5/24/2015 2:39 PM | Permalink

    Some Nerve, Dying Regime, Yankee Brutal are poppy?!?! Congrats, you’re so hardcore you won the punk internet.

    >DS, I’m digging the comp and enjoying the previously unreleased songs. thanks!

  5. countytrials
    CountyTrials6/10/2015 7:49 AM | Permalink

    Not sure what the ball bags problem above is, this is a great compilation and its thanks to compilations like this which give bands the exposure they need. Maybe he should put the beer down for a min and pick up a guitar.

    Being in the UK i’d never heard of most of these bands but thanks to this comp i’ve now heard and downloaded Yankee Brutal album, like a late The Unseen.

  6. EvelynDiaz9/26/2016 1:57 AM | Permalink

    Really effective

  7. MagoonTanya10/11/2016 4:42 AM | Permalink


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