EP Review: Cobra Skulls – ‘Live at the BBC’

In late 2013, the world lost a great band when Cobra Skulls decided to call it quits. Fortunately, like all great artists, not even something like breaking up has stopped Cobra Skulls from putting out some new material. 2014 saw the band’s final studio recording in the form of “No Puede Mas” on the Red Scare Industries 10 Years of Your Dumb Bullshit compilation, and now 2015 has brought out Live at the BBC, a four song live recording to cap things off.

As a live album, there’s nothing unexpected here outside of being able to hear the sound level being brought down ever so slightly at the beginning of every track. These versions of “H.D.U.I. (Honorary Discharge Under the Influence)”, “Rebel Fate” (both off of 2009’s American Rubicon), and “Solastalgia” (from 2011’s Agitations) don’t vary much from their studio counterparts in terms of composition, although it is a treat to hear the new energy in Devin Peralta’s vocals (not to mention the raw screamed backing vocals by either Adam Beck or Tony Teixeira… I’m not certain when these songs were recorded). The EP ends with a cover of Blitz’s “New Age” that doesn’t stray far from the original but also manages to sound like it could have been a Cobra Skulls song.

Given that it’s made up of live cuts, Live at the BBC doesn’t make much of a case for being essential to Cobra Skulls fans in the same way that Red Scare’s compilation was essential for Cobra Skulls fans. However if you were to look at “No Puede Mas” as the band’s final chapter, then Live at the BBC can be seen as the tidy epilogue.

4 / 5

RIYL: Dead to Me, The Riot Before, Banner Pilot

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