EP Review: Colt 45 – “Snakes and Ladders”

Colt 45‘s 6 song E.P. Snakes and Ladders isn’t good and probably isn’t worth the 5 or 6 listens I gave it. It’s a boring formulaic pop-punk record with a certain Ataris emo feel, but none of  the songwriting talent of Kris Roe.

Choruses like “What you see is what you get,” or “All hell broke loose when you told the truth” are too basic for even the likes of Good Charlotte and should be buried and forgotten about, like the aforementioned bands career.
Then there is the song “Two Steps Back” which literally begins with “I was staring out the window.” What happened? Did “when I woke up” or “my love is like a mountain” feel too cliche? It’s like adding a death for shock value in the final chapter of a book, it’s just cheap and hokie.
Even the scene kids are too musically advanced to relate to lyrics like “I can forgive but I won’t forget anything just because you said you’re sorry doesn’t make things right.”
It just sounds like 2004 came to life and shat out a piece of crap meant to be consumed by the new generation of warped tour kid who is probably to musically intelligent to fall for this garbage.
Their implementation of vocal harmonies feels clunky and awkward, while their guitar riffs and drum raps just sound and feel recycled. I’ve heard this record a hundred times by 75 bands, most of which delivered it with more zeal and chutzpah than Colt 45.
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