EP Review: Drakulas – “OWOWOWOWOWOWOW”

Drakulas may not be a (punk) household name, but they certainly have what it takes to become one. Not only does the band boast members of Riverboat Gamblers (vocalist Mike Wiebe and bassist Rob Marchant) and Rise Against (guitarist Zach Blair) among their ranks, but they’re also a part of the Red Scare Industries family- which is pretty much a guarantee that they deserve your attention. And even if it didn’t bear the Red Scare mark, the music alone on Drakulas’ debut EP, OWOWOWOWOWOWOW, still makes a strong case to be listened to.

In case you were wondering based on who is in the band, Drakulas has more in common with the Riverboat Gamblers than with Rise Against. OWOWOWOWOWOWOW is fast and snotty, with raw production giving it a strong garage punk vibe. From the opening progression of the title track to the final chorus of closing track “Spinal Chords”, the EP doesn’t let up on the energy and spends every possible moment in your face.

OWOWOWOWOWOWOW isn’t very long (it doesn’t even run for 9 minutes), but in spite of that it still manages to accomplish a lot. Often a debut EP will act as an introduction to the band, but it won’t necessarily be indicative of what’s to come (even if it is highly regarded, just look at Nervous Breakdown and compare it to what happened a few years later). OWOWOWOWOWOWOW, however, feels like a mission statement: Drakulas know exactly who they are, and this is it.

4 / 5 Stars

RIYL: toyGuitar, The Briefs, Mean Jeans

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