EP Review: Guide – “Some Things Must Be Endured”

Some Things Must Be Endured is a pulverizing EP filled with blast beats, cacophonous screams, and dark, mammoth riffs. It’s music that oozes brutality, amplifying all of punk’s most abrasive tendencies as if it were a personal challenge from artist to audience. As shameful as it is, I must admit that I wasn’t sold on Guide from description alone, but after hearing their skin-filleting take on crust, hardcore, and powerviolence, I had to reassess my position.

Musically, I would compare Guide to a nastier His Hero Is Gone. A scuzzed out tribute to crust and powerviolence more concerned with raw volatility than classical songwriting. It sounds like a detrimental statement, but in a way I think it alludes to a higher artistic ideal. Extreme genres, with their rejection of a lot of the core tenets of what makes ‘good music,’ is kind of an avant garde sentiment. Some Things Must Be Endured brings forth rage in its purest musical form.

“Best Friends” opens with a big bassy riff that sounds like the end of the world. The song, much like every song on Some Things Must Be Endured, doesn’t make it past the two minute mark. The brevity is welcome though, making every song feel like a riotous explosion. With only six songs, Some Things Must Be Endured is like a musical revolver, supplying blast after blast of violent noise with the listener left with a face full of smoke and ringing ears.

This isn’t music for everyone. Some people will go crazy for the lumbering beginnings of a song like “Clown,” and then crazier for the chaotic run it takes them on. Its hardly populist, but for those with hardened ears and a taste for violent, salivating expression– Guide is worth enduring.

4/5 Stars

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