EP Review: Jimmy Doyle & The Engineers (Self-titled)

Jimmy Doyle, previously of New York punk bands The Fad and The Forthrights, has now released a self-titled debut with his new project Jimmy Doyle And The Engineers, available now on Quote/Unquote Records. As with all of the label’s material, you can pay what you want for it here.

While this EP contains definite elements both of pop punk and prog punk, it doesn’t push too hard in either direction, making it stick out bit more than a good deal of releases from either subgenre that I’ve heard in the last few months. Perhaps what stood out to me most about this album was how strikingly well tones of desperation and frustration, while not overdone, were able to match and mold the lyrics and music together. This is an aspect of songwriting I have always admired in bands like Bomb The Music Industry! or Andrew Jackson Jihad, and Jimmy Doyle pulls it off with an energetic and ernest style.

Instrumental variety, however, is not a strong suit here. An all-too-familiar problem for punk bands, the guitar and drum parts of these songs can become almost indistinguishable from track to track. Future releases will tell if this band can break the spell of never-ending eighth notes.

All in all, at 3.5/5 stars, this was a record I really enjoyed listening to 2-3 times, but is definitely in need of a little change of pace here and there. Fans of Cheap Girls, The Menzingers, or Fake Problems will enjoy this release.

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