EP Review: See Through Dresses – “End Of Days”

Holy fuzz, Batman!  Aside from an acoustic track and a few clean guitar parts popping up throughout some of the songs, when you listen to See Through Dresses’ new EP End Of Days, you’ll swear there’s some fuzz growing on your ears.  The young band mixes sludgy, semi-psychedelic fuzz rock with the melody and texture of 90’s indie and emo.  In my mind, they’re like a more emo influenced Creepoid.

Opening track “Haircut” starts out with a simple clean guitar and saccharine vocals that might trick you into thinking this may be something completely different, before exploding full force.  “Big On Brains” follows in a similar, if somewhat darker tone.  The vocals are just as fuzzy as the instruments, and being mixed so far in the back, it’s hard to tell exactly what’s being said, though I did hear the line, “Interstellar vampires follow me beyond the astro coast,” and what’s more awesome than that?

“Little Apple Rot,” starts off on the same path, but before they allow you to peg them into a certain hole, the band seems to lose their shit towards the end of the song and goes all out with pure punk inspired energy.  It’s hard to follow a buildup like that, and while there’s nothing particularly wrong with “Everyman,” nothing about it really jumped out at me as being anything special, just more of the same.

The band throws a curve ball with title track “End of Days.”  You would be forgiven if you heard this song out of context and thought it was an Iron and Wine style indie band.  The finger-picking on the song is droning enough to lull you into a daze, but then right when you’re settled in, they switch up the melody just a bit to make sure you’re staying on your toes.

The EP closes with the extremely catchy “Drag Scene.”  This is more of a straightforward and driving rocker of a song, but doesn’t clash with the angular, experimental stuff in the first 4 songs.  It’s a great closer and probably the strongest song of the album.

See Through Dresses has only been around a couple years, but they are starting out strong.    While End of Days has its duller moments, the strong moments prove that they are going to be around for quite some time.  I have a feeling they are only going to get better, those dull points are going to get sharpened, and they’ll stab the world with their fuzziness.

And that might be the single weirdest sentence I’ve ever written in a review.

3.5 / 5 Stars

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