Fairweather give track-by-track commentary on new album

Washington, D.C. punk group Fairweather has teamed up with New Noise Magazine to provide some commentary on their newly released self-titled album. You can read a couple of excerpts below, and the whole thing here.

Fairweather released Fairweather on April 1, 2014 via Equal Vision Records. It is the first new work from Fairweather since their 2003 release Lusitania.

2. Reset Position

We wrote this one with the idea of it being the second song on the record. We didn’t know what was going to end up being the first song but we knew we wanted the second song to slam in really aggressively right at the top. Vocals and all. We even called it “Second Song” till we finally named it.

3. Survival Is Not Enough:

Sometimes it’s all about a riff.

5. Doubt the Doubtless:

“Doubt the Doubtless” was the first song we wrote together as a band in over ten years. But oddly enough, it’s the song on record that came together the fastest. We had all been talking about writing a new record and what it might sound like, but I don’t think any of us really knew what we were going to get. It came together at what was supposed to be the first rehearsal for the reunion show. The second we plugged in we started working on it and pretty much forgot to rehearse any old songs. It felt amazing to be writing together as Fairweather again and I think that feeling is really captured in the song. It feels so much like us.


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